Respect for the environment is at the centre of our values.
Caffè Incas takes highly into consideration the impact on the environment caused by its activities. This is why we work with an environmental policy that belongs to a principle of ‘responsible behaviour’ towards all of our stakeholders (and therefore also towards the environment, local communities and future generations).
The principles and culture of eco sustainability are known and believed within our establishment.
The ‘environmental policy’ defines our approach in the responsible management of the environmental impact generated by our activities (direct affects) and those generated by clients and suppliers with whom Incas establish relationships (indirect affects). Our objective is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, while paying particular attention on direct environmental aspects. Proof of our effort in the respect for the environment begins with the use of renewable energy. We pay the maximum attention to the choice of means of delivery and the use of ecological paper for printers and photocopiers.

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